I often think

I often think of the moments I still had you
Things that I said and things I should have said but didn’t
I know it doesn’t matter for you knew it all
I just had to look at you and you understood

Now that I’ve been alone for so long I often think about the days that were
I’ve been doing well after so long and yet I feel it’s hollow, it’s all fake

I often think about who I am without you
And then like a warm blanket this thought envelopes me
I can never be alone, I can never be without you

So much of what is left of me is yours
I’m a changed man because of your love
And this gives me the strength to go on
Wherever I’m, there you are..


2 thoughts on “I often think

  1. I always have heard, leave it better than you found it. It sounds like you think she did and what a wonderful feeling that must be. And she left you with a son – a part of the love you shared – what better gift to show the depth of her love and her desire to always be with you lives each day in his eyes, his heart, his smile. Blessings to you both, and wishes filled with hope and peace.

  2. Thank you Debbie, it’s true that she lives through both of us and this thought gives me solace. The influence she’s had on me is difficult to describe in words. It’s something that will forever stay with me..

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